The Search Engine Optimization Value Of PBNs

Posted on January 27, 2015April 4, 2018Posted in SEO

Anyone practicing search engine optimization in recent years understands just how much harder and harder it is to rank (as Google gets smarter and smarter). Indeed, there are so many updates to the Google algorithm which causes lots of internet marketers to lose their rankings for a lot of their high ranking pages. This causes a lot of members in the internet marketing community to think that SEO is dead. Of course, this is not true. With that being said, these days we expect that SEO will be harder and harder and takes longer to achieve ranking goals.

One method that still works well is the use of a Private Blog Network (PBN) but you do have to go about it the right way. Those details are beyond the scope of this piece however the resources you need are but a click or 2 away.

Why You Should Use A PBN For Search Engine Optimization

If you haven’t heard already, a whole plethora of different black hat methods for SEO have all become obsolete as Google continuously updates their algorithm. All of the Search Engine Optimization methods of the past few years basically won’t work at all if used today. Google has actively told everyone that they judge a websites search engine rankings purely through the quality of their links, not quantity. This means that past methods of spamming links and getting thousands upon thousands of blog links are now worthless.

It’s without a doubt that Google will rank a website very high on the search engines if it has one very high quality link rather than millions of low quality ones. For example, if there were 2 sites on gardening, and one received a link from the biggest gardening website in the world and the other had millions of spammed blog links, the first website will rank extremely higher than the second site. As you can see, the world of SEO should be focused behind this concept.

This is where a PBN comes into play. PBN stands for private blog network and it’s the closest thing one can do to get these high quality, relevant links from authority websites. Remember how I mentioned getting even just one link from a top authority site is better than millions of spammy links? With a PBN you will be able to have your own portfolio of authority sites with very potent link juice that could skyrocket any website up the search engine rankings.

With a PBN, you’re essentially setting your own authority websites to link to your money site for great search engine ranking gains. To create a PBN, you want to get some expired domains with some great metrics. By buying some expired domains which already have high authority, you can immediately build a basic site on it which will have lots of authority and link juice. From there, you will make the site look legitimate as possible and simply link out to your money site for great benefits. Of course, just one PBN site will not do much on the search engines. Hence, it’s important for someone to get a portfolio of at least 25 PBN sites before he sees any significant change.

As you can see, SEO most certainly is not dead. In fact, it’s still thriving! With a tactic such as using a PBN (and it has to be done the right way), any SEO Company worth its salt will be able to quickly and easily increase rankings for client sites.