5 Lead Generation Methods For Car Locksmiths

Being a car locksmith is rewarding, but if you want to make profits, then you need customers on a regular basis. If nobody uses your services, then you don’t make money. If you’re looking for tips for lead generation for car locksmiths, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are five tips and methods to help you generate more leads.

1. Encourage Reviews

Car locksmiths should encourage every single customer they get to write a review about them. Don’t encourage positive reviews because you want honest reviews written about your company, and these days people can usually tell what reviews are not genuine. It doesn’t matter how small or complicated the job is, always ask them to review. As time goes on, you will start generating leads because of reviews, both good ones and not so good ones.

Just make sure you respond to bad reviews. This gives you the chance to show off your customer service skills to prospective customers. In turn, this can help you generate more leads.

2. Video Creation

Car locksmiths often underestimate the power of videos or they think they cannot create video content due to the nature of their business. They are wrong and creating videos is a great way to generate leads. All you have to do is create at least 1-2 videos per week and promote them via social media, your website and so forth.

Create videos on anything related to your industry or company. You can provide people with tips on what to do if they have locked themselves out of their car or you can discuss industry-related news or announce a new service you’re offering. Create anything about car locksmiths and include a link back to your company’s website and include your business’s phone number at the end of each video.

3. Social Media

There are plenty of ways to promote your car locksmith business, products and services online and social media is perhaps the best. Create a business page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and post to each one a few times per week. Work on building up your following and ask current and new customers to add you on social media and leave you a review.

Also, ask for referrals from your followers, but do it from time to time and tell them you will give the people they refer a discount on your service. You’ll be surprised at how many new customers you can get by doing this.

4. Facebook Advertising

You can generate a tremendous number of leads by using Facebook Advertising. You can target people who may be interested in using a car locksmith and you can direct people who see your ads to your website or a lead generation form. Best of all, you can start off with a small budget and increase it as you generate more leads.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Use SEO, short for search engine optimization. Create a website or optimize your current site and create a blog. Using search engine optimization is one of the best ways for car locksmiths to generate leads because they receive constant traffic to their website from Google and other search engines. Learn the basics of SEO, such as keyword research, proper link building techniques, optimizing page titles and article marketing to name a few.

Lead Generation Methods For Car Locksmiths

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Make sure you implement the above tips as soon as possible. If you want to increase your chances of generating as many leads as possible, then consider using a professional company that specializes in lead generation for car locksmiths. Sure, you’ll have to pay a fee for using their services, but if you generate a bunch of leads, then it is money well-spent.